2Live Showcase 2015

2Live Dance Studio Showcase 2015 comes to graceful & impressive end in overwhelming cheers with support!! We thank our dancers and tutors, who assemble each piece to make it a perfect good show!! We do also pay tribute to our guest performers & event sponsors!! Last but not least, we sincerely thank everyone for your coming and wish you enjoy the show. See you all in 2Live Dance Studio Showcase 2016!!
2Live Showcase 2015 完美落幕!🎊
感謝台前幕後各單位,包括各團隊的排舞師及學員、Helpers、MC、表演嘉賓、贊助單位及入場支持和歡呼吶喊的觀眾!期待 2Live Showcase 2016,約定您!

Enrollment Details 報名詳程

Showcase Theme 主題 - Graffiti

Photo Album 相集

Recap of precious & impressive moments of 2Live Showcase 2015!! Find out more or the full set → here.

01 - Opening

2Live Showcase 2015 - Opening

Choreographed by Cherry
Dancers: Ashley, Gula, Wing, Eyeko, Jenny, Natalie, Grace Kawai and Carmen

02 - Teens

2Live Showcase 2015 - Teens

Choreographed by Canny
Dancers: Nicole, Bobo, Tissue and Carleon

03 - Feeling Myself

2Live Showcase 2015 - Feeling Myself

Choreographed by Ashley
Dancers: Abbie, Melody, Joey, Cherine, Elaine, Yolanda, Fiona, Angel, Tippi, 一粒粒 and 阿范

04 - Motion Origin

2Live Showcase 2015 - Motion Origin

Choreographed by Cherry and Ashley
Dancers: Natalie, Nicole, Helen, Melody, Claudia, Keisha, Joey, Connie and Chris

05 - Pre-Training Team

2Live Showcase 2015 - Pre-Training Team

Choreographed by Ashley
Dancers: Kawai, Carmen, Yiyan, Wincy and Cherine

06 - RockaLive Babies

2Live Showcase 2015 - RockaLive Babies

Choreographed by Cherry
Dancers: Wing, Eyeko, Jenny, Natalie and Grace

07 - Urban Dance

2Live Showcase 2015 - Urban Dance

Choreographed by Lun
Dancers: Ashley, Annie, Cecilia, Yiyan, Ning Lee, Puma and Chris


2Live Showcase 2015 - SPARKS

Choreographed by Ashley and Canny
Dancers: Yolanda, Yan, Joanne, Bowling, Wincy, Suet and Jasmine

09 - Britney Bitch

2Live Showcase 2015 - Britney Bitch

Choreographed by Cherry
Dancers: Ashley, Gula, Canny, Larissa, Annie, iCa, Wing, Eyeko, Natalie, Jenny, Grace, Kawai, Megan, Carmen, Sammi, Joey, Siutung, Wai Wai and Kelvin

10 - Academy of Swag

2Live Showcase 2015 - Academy of Swag

Choreographed by Cherry
Dancers: Ashley, Gula, Cat, Annie, iCa, Natalie, Jenny, Wai Wai, Yiyan, Ning Lee, Kelvin and Carleon

11 - Flow

2Live Showcase 2015 - Flow

Choreographed by Faijai
Dancers: Canny, Larissa, Megan, Rachel and Jennie

12 - Drink The Kool Aid?

2Live Showcase 2015 - Drink The Kool Aid?

Choreographed by Eric
Dancers: Wing, Eyeko, Grace, Bonita, Sailo and Carleon

13 - Crewmax

2Live Showcase 2015 - Crewmax

Choreographed by Cherry
Dancers: Ashley, Gula, Canny, Cat, Larissa, Annie and iCa

14 - Booty Killers

2Live Showcase 2015 - Booty Killers

Choreographed by Ashley
Dancers: Melody and Kelly

15 - Instafunk

2Live Showcase 2015 - Instafunk

Guest Performance

16 - Tutors Dance

2Live Showcase 2015 - Tutors Dance

Choreographed by Cherry
Dancers: Faijai, Ashley, Gula, Canny, Eric, Lun, Kenya and Sing

17 - 2Live Force Training Team & Finale

2Live Showcase 2015 - 2Live Force Training Team & Finale

Choreographed by Ashley, Gula, Cecilia and Larissa
Dancers: Ashley, Gula, Cecilia, Larissa, Annie, Canny, iCa, Natalie, Jenny, Wing, Eyeko, Megan, Justine, Joey, Siutung, Nicole, Helen, Carmen, Kelly and 2Live Showcase 2015 all dancers